Personal Injury Pre-Settlement Funding

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With Lawsuit NYC, your wait for settlement cash is over. We’ll get you the money you deserve immediately while your cash settlement works its way through court. The fact is that the legal process is often slow and many plaintiffs simply cannot afford to wait
for a fair settlement due to financial pressures. Click here and apply Today!!

Do you have a pending Lawsuit Settlement?...Need cash for lawsuit?

We offer a quick turnaround, usually 48 hours from receipt of a complete file.

We are dedicated to help plaintiffs involved in personal injury, class action lawsuits to obtain cash for settlement and other negligence cases get their money fast and at aggressively competitive rates. A Lawsuit Advance can bridge the gap between now and the conclusion of your case. Accident lawsuits may take months or even years to settle. Insurance companies force settlements by dragging out their cases until plaintiffs can’t afford to wait any longer. Pre-settlement funding or cash for lawsuit will give you a stronger negotiation position so that you can get the maximum recovery allowable by law...

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Get funds in as little as 24 to 48 hours from the receipt of your complete application and documentation.

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